At Cloud Logistics, we offer a wide range of courier and freight services. We deliver parcels anywhere in South Africa, Africa, and the world.

For a full breakdown of our services, read below, and to request a collection to send your parcel, click here.

Economy Road Freight

Economy Road Freight is designed for larger and less time-sensitive items.

National Overnight Express

Overnight Express is a door to door service.

Local Overnight Express

Items that are collected in the same city will be delivered by close of business the following day.

Same Day Courier

A door to door time sensitive service that is available to all major centres in Southern Africa.

Overnight Courier

A door to door and time sensitive service. Following collection, delivery is undertaken by 11.00 the following day.

Domestic Air Freight

Designed for larger and heavier consignments. Various service options are available.

Cross-Border Express Road Freight

Designed for less time-sensitive items. Transit times range between 24 – 48 hours to neighbouring countries.

International Air Freight

Designed for larger and heavier consignments. Various service options are available to meet your requirements.

International Sea Freight

Rates and service requirements can be obtained from our international department.

How To Avoid Lost Parcels

Losing a parcel causes frustration to everyone involved but can often be avoided by marking your waybill properly. Whenever you mark the address on your parcel, it’s essential that you clearly mark the address along with the mobile number of the recipient. An incorrect address or one that is unreadable may result in your parcel becoming lost in transit, wrongly delivered, delayed or returned.

Measuring Your Parcel

In order for us to provide you with an accurate and timely delivery quote, we’ll need to know the size and weight of your parcel or parcels.

For a quick guide on how to correctly measure your parcel, click here to view our tips.

Packing Your Parcels

Packing your parcel correctly is very important to avoid any damages during transit.

Try not to overload your box or container with too many items you want to transport.

If you have multiple pieces it is always best that you box them individually as this will ensure that each component will receive proper protection.

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